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As a locum offender health nurse, you’ll be used to regularly changing job roles as you work on short-term contracts. But how do you know that the next job opportunity is the right one for you and your career?

Sometimes, we can start a new job role with positive thoughts and excitement, but it can become clear that it’s not necessarily the role that we were expecting. If this is something that you’re experiencing, then the first thing we can suggest is making sure that you contact your Sanctuary consultant and ask them for help and to clarify the job role. Your consultant is here to support you, so whether you have any issues regarding pay or working hours then make sure you speak to them to rectify any issues.

Of course, it’s not always easy to know if you’ve made the right career choice – even the best intentions can go awry. Here is our advice to help you decide if you’ve chosen the right job for you.

Signs that it’s the right job for you.

1. You feel professionally stimulated and you’re constantly learning on the job. In any profession, you want to feel that you’re continually developing your skills and learning new things. In an offender healthcare job role, you need to feel confident that you’re continually improving your knowledge as you will need to provide evidence as part of your revalidation with the NMC.

2. You know that it’s going to help you achieve your career goals. One of the key positives of working as a locum offender healthcare nurse is that you can be much more in control of your personal career progression. If you have an ambition, then you can choose the specific job roles which will help you achieve your career goals. If your latest locum job role is helping you on this specific career path, then it’s the right thing for you.

3. You like the people you work with. We spend a considerable amount of our lives at work, so it’s incredibly important that we enjoy what we do. Offender healthcare settings are incredibly stressful places which are unique to secure units – those who do not work in these roles may find it difficult to understand the pressures that you may be facing. Therefore, it’s even more important that you are comfortable working with your colleagues. If you enjoy the work that you do, it’s the right career choice for your needs.

Signs which may indicate it’s not the best fit.

Of course, not everyone has positive experiences at work – sometimes despite all the best intentions, you may have chosen a role which isn’t right for you.

1. Is the job role different to what you were expecting? If you find that the job role is significantly different from what you were expecting, then our first suggestion is to speak with your Sanctuary consultant. They will be able to act as a go-between between you and your line-manager, helping to smooth out any first-week jitters.

2. Are you struggling to bond with your colleagues? We’ve previously shared details of how to fit into your new offender health team but sometimes personalities simply do not mesh together. We’ve mentioned that liking your co-workers is a big sign that you’re working in the right job, but similarly, if you don’t like the people you work with, then it’s a warning sign that you’re in the wrong job. Finding it hard to fit in, can make you feel lonely or like an outsider, but the reality is that you’re all working in an incredibly pressurised environment. It may simply be that everyone is working hard and hasn’t had the time to bond as a team.

3. Is it the wrong fit or just a bad day at the office? We all have bad days at the office – so it’s important to realise whether it’s a continual bad day at the office or just a one-off. If you’re struggling to switch off from work at the end of the day, you're finding it hard to sleep or you dread a Monday morning, then it's likely that it’s time for you to move on and find an alternative contract.

If you’re ready to move into a new offender healthcare nursing role, then why not take a look at our latest vacancies? We offer a wide range of jobs available across the UK and our consultants are always available to take your call, answering any questions that you may have.
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