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It’s New Year…time for a resolution, and perhaps time for a change.

That might well be deciding to look for a new job in the criminal justice arena where there are vacancies in the probation service, as a substance misuse worker, in offender health, or as part of a youth offending team.

Looking for a new challenge

Making the decision to move from one job to another can be among the most difficult decisions you make during your working life, especially if you have been in the same office for some time.

But there can be tell-tale factors that may help you reach the decision to look for a new challenge, whether that is seeking promotion, heading off in a fresh direction or a complete career change altogether.

Knowing when to make the switch is important, not just for you but also for those closest to you.

Knowing when the time is right for a job switch

So how do you know when it's the right time to change jobs?

Signs that may suggest its time for you to move may be that you are feeling undervalued, have lost your passion for the job, or the motivation has gone.

If you find you are bored at work or constantly complaining, that is a sure sign that you are in the wrong role and need a change.

And if you find that you have already started looking for a new position, seeing what is out there workwise, that in itself should tell you that you need to do something about it and start actively applying for new jobs.

Work-life balance or being frozen out?

If you are taking time off work unnecessarily because you dislike your job or office environment, that is not only unfair to your employer and your colleagues, but also to yourself.

However, if you are also being left out of office activities, being frozen out, you may have to accept that it is time to go. It may suggest you no longer fit within the office culture. And finally, if you can’t switch off and are worrying about your job, taking work home and are being overworked, that leads to stress and a poor work-life balance, so…once again, time to go.

There are, of course, ways to try to revive your interest in your current role (see previous blog on staying motivated at work) but sometimes you may just have to accept you have passed the point of no return and it’s time for a job switch. New Year is a perfect time for that new start…Happy New Year. Happy New Job.

If you have acknowledged it is time to move on and you are seriously looking for a new job – or just checking out what is on offer - there are a range of jobs available at Sanctuary. Make sure you register with Sanctuary and look at our latest job roles online.
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