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In the second part of our focus on what the political parties propose for prisons, policing and criminal justice in their election manifestos – and with only a few days to go before polling takes place in the 2017 General Election - we turn our attention to Plaid Cymru, The Green Party, UKIP and the SNP.

Plaid Cymru

High on the agenda for Plaid Cymru will be blocking the development of the Port Talbot super prison. The party will also work to secure an extra £25m for Welsh police forces, reverse cuts to legal aid and bring forward new laws to protect victims of crimes such as rape and domestic abuse so they can give evidence in court without being intimidated. It will also create a Welsh legal jurisdiction that ensures a justice system that reflects the needs of Wales, and also publish a human rights charter for Wales.

The Green Party

The Green Party launched its manifesto, with a “Green Guarantee for a Confident and Caring Britain.” However, while the document contained the party’s programme to provide “big, bold ideas to create a confident and caring Britain that we can all be proud of” across a range of areas from health, education, environment, defence and health, there was little detail on policing, crime, prisons and the justice system.


Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a manifesto issue for UKIP with the party proposing to make failure to report FGM a criminal offence. It will implement a screening programme for girls at risk of FGM from birth to age 16, with annual non-invasive physical check-ups with additional check-ups on girls at risk when they return to the UK from trips to countries where FGM is known to be customary. FGM will become an indictable offence with a minimum sentence of six years. All cases of child and forced marriage will be prosecuted, there will be a ban wearing of the niqab and the burqa in public places and imams or preachers known to promote views contrary to British values will be refused admission to prisons. UKIP will send "as many as possible" of the 13,000 foreign nationals in British jails back to their home countries and prevent foreign criminals from entering the UK, with a fast-track deportation system for those convicted of crimes in the UK. It will prosecute all cases of adult sexual behaviour with under-age minors.


The SNP will appeal to the UK government to refund £140m of VAT payments made by Police Scotland and oppose relaxation of laws on fox hunting.
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