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The nursing profession is facing a crisis – recruitment levels are falling, and record numbers of nurses are considering leaving the profession, citing “burnout” as a key factor.

We recently spoke with our community of nurses to find out their opinions on a wide range of topics relating to the nursing profession and we are sharing your thoughts via our blog page.

You’ve previously told us what you think makes a great nurse, and we’re now sharing your feelings on how employers can take small steps to supporting their staff in a bid to prevent burnout. Join us next week as we look at the issues relating to how we can attract new recruits to join the profession.

Here’s what you had to say...

“You need to have a proper work/life balance. Employers need to look after their staff welfare – it can be as simple as appreciating them and understanding the extra responsibility placed on them” Stuart, Manchester

“Employers need to allow mentorship to take place effectively. They should give recognition for work done, ensuring adequate staffing levels and allow nurses to do the job of caring, instead of being tied up with paperwork.” Sandra, Liverpool

“I think identifying burnout is the hardest thing, as it’s not always possible to identify it yourself. So being aware of it. There are many metric tests and I work in mental health, so I am aware of it in others.” Tim, Brighton

“Everyone needs to ensure that they have a good work/life balance and a good support system from colleagues and personal relationships” Amy, Rotherham

“Good clinical supervision, providing enough staff so they can have breaks, more rotational posts so folk don’t feel ‘trapped’ in one role or area, better cohesion and conversations between social care and third sector” Lynne, North Queensferry

What the professionals say...

The Royal College of Nursing have acknowledged that burnout amongst nurses is a key concern. In their RCN Employment Survey 2017, the statistics painted a worrying picture: more than a third of nurses are currently seeking a new job, whilst only 41% of staff would recommend nursing as a career choice.

Clearly this is a worrying trend so what can be done?

In order to support its members, the RCN have introduced a “healthy workplace, healthy you” campaign which allows nurses to check on their own physical and mental health. The campaign features a self-assessment worksheet which allows nurses to check on their own levels of self-care.

The RCN website is full of a variety of resources to support nurses and we would recommend taking a look.

If you feel that you are struggling in your current role, then it may be time to look at a new nursing job. We have a wide variety of locum and permanent positions available, and our consultants are always happy to listen if you have any pressing concerns relating to your current nursing job role.
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