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As a locum offender healthcare worker you can quickly mould your career by securing the roles that interest you the most, but how do you summarise all that you’ve accomplished on paper and in interview? We’ve brought together a selection of our top careers blogs to help you do just this. 

Make sure you shine on paper 

If you’re going into your next criminal justice position with bags of experience, fear not, as we give you valuable tips on resume construction.

Read the blog here   

Keeping your nerves in check  

It’s good to have a little bit of adrenaline but you’ll want to keep your nerves in check. One way of dealing with this anxiety is preparing as much as you can, from planning your travel route to picking your outfit.

Read the blog here

It’s all in the preparation 

Giving a good interview is about three things: preparation, preparation, preparation. Download our prep sheet with ideas about how to answer the specific questions that may be thrown at you. 

Read the blog here

Advice from the experts

As your criminal justice job-hunting continues, you’ll find that some questions crop up more frequently than others. Our colleagues in Criminal Justice, Dan Allard and Ed Stevens, offer their advice on how to answer some of the most frequently-asked questions. 

Read the blog here

Selecting the best examples

We explain how to respond when an interviewer asks for an example of a previous achievement. You’ll be talked through the four key stages of answering this often tricky question. 

Read the blog here

Why are you the best candidate?

Most people feel a little uncomfortable talking about why they are particularly good at something. So, how do you phrase your answer when asked ‘What makes you the best candidate for the role?’. 

Read the blog here 

What’s your main weakness?

“What is your main weakness?” is a question that befuddles many interviewees, as a successful response relies on turning a negative into a positive without resorting to cliché. 

Read the blog here

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