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At Sanctuary, we believe that our nurses are part of our community and we really enjoy being able to share your thoughts and recommendations with others.

You’ve previously shared your thoughts as to what the best piece of advice you’ve ever received is, and you’ve also let us know your preferred models of practice. But we wanted to go back to basics, so this week, we’ve asked you what you think makes a great nurse.

You answered in your droves, and it is clear that the biggest requisite for any great nurse is the ability to have “compassion”.

It’s been great to hear what you think sets fantastic nurses apart from their peers, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more recommendations and suggestions from our community so make sure you keep reading our blogs to see if your thoughts have been published!

A great nurse is someone who is...

“Caring and always acts in a professional manner” Sandra, Bradford

“Has compassion, communication, collaboration, confidence and competence” James, Wells

“Has a compassionate nature. Is a very good listener, and proactive as an advocate. Can put themselves in that person's "shoes"” Sandra, Liverpool

“Passionate about caring for patients and them being the No1 focus” Bobby, London

“Someone who is caring, kind and listens to the patient. I think someone who continues to update care plans and is interested in the patient’s recovery is very important.” Tim, Brighton

“Someone who cares enough to treat every patient the way they would like their own loved ones to be treated” Catherine, Manchester

“Compassionate, humanity, ability to apply knowledge well, assertiveness, being genuine and validating.” Lynne, North Queensferry

“Observation skills and someone who always continues to seek the best care for the patients” Tamara, Brighouse

“Compassion, a cool head and the ability to think in structured, problem solving ways no matter who demands an impulsive, ill-thought out response” Stuart, Wokington

“Has a diligence to all areas of duty of care” Monsurat, London

“Passion and dedication. Empathy for those my work with and those they look after. A drive to clinical excellence.” Liz, Cambridge

Do you agree with the thoughts of our community? If you think great nurses have any other skills or attributes, please let us know using the comments box below
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