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Most healthcare environments can be particularly challenging at some point or other. In such scenarios, what can prove critical is how the wider team gels and how colleagues support one another in the workplace.

What makes a great pharmacy co-worker? Let’s take a look….

Picking up the signals

Over and above the protocols and guidelines that are in place within a pharmacy setting, there are a number of ways you can be a great pharmacy worker colleague to those around you.

One important asset is the ability to pick up signals from workers around you who may need a little help, advice and support when times are proving difficult. That can be about spotting signs of stress, interpreting negative body language, a change of mood, or perhaps even noticing when minor mistakes are occurring. It can also be the time to offer a few words of support or encouragement, or an informal chat over a cup of coffee.

Temper your behaviour

However, being a good colleague can also be about tempering your behaviour to the pharmacy environment and tapping in to some of the “unwritten rules” of the practice.

Most of these are about acting in a way that will not upset those around you. Being over-chatty, playing loud music, or cooking unusual and strong-smelling snacks in the kitchen area can prove irritating. If you think something may provoke a negative reaction in your colleague, avoid it where possible.

Want to know our little secret to being a great colleague? Always take your turn to make tea…and have a packet of biscuits to hand too.

Support with revalidation

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are now required to go through revalidation to renew their professional registration.

The process is designed to help keep their professional skills and knowledge up to date; reflect on how to improve; and show how they provide the safe and effective care patients and the public expect. For colleagues coming up to revalidation, it may be a time to offer support, advice, or even offer to talk through the process or identify areas where they can demonstrate that they are particularly strong.

Be pro-active in your support

At times, you may need to be proactive in supporting your colleagues and that means getting to know when they may be having a tough day. Offer a sympathetic ear to listen to them either to discuss a challenging scenario or possibly more personal issues and home life. Being a team player makes you a good pharmacy colleague.

What do you think makes a great pharmacy colleague? We’d love to share your thoughts – please let us know using the comments box below
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