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If you’re looking for a fresh start and thinking about moving to a new area in a youth offending job role, there’s lots to consider before making your final decision.

Relocating is very personal, and everyone’s circumstances are different. If you are single it will be quite different than if you have a partner or a family.

From a professional/career development perspective, there are matters to consider too.

Career development in a youth offending role

If you are currently in a youth offending role, reflect on the job you have, and the one you aspire too and then assess whether it will really give you the fresh challenges you desire. There are youth offending job opportunities across the UK, so look at the demographics of the area you are thinking of moving into and how they differ from those of your current job.

You may be looking to move from a rural area to a more urban environment, or vice versa. And then there are those important career development factors: will you be getting more money, better working conditions, promotion, more responsibility and a different type of client base.

It is also important to view any career move in the longer term: is this your dream job, or a strategic step up the ladder towards a managerial role?

Personal considerations:

On a personal level, there are lots of questions to ask yourself and discuss with those closest to you and most likely to be affected by your planned relocation, especially if they are going with you!

Is the area right for you and your family; are the schools and facilities good; will a move disrupt your children’s education or partner’s career; what is the social life like; how good is the infrastructure in terms of transport and communication links; and is it in a part of the country you are familiar with, or a total new start?

Five relocation questions to consider

Here are five factors to consider before moving to a new area:
  • is the right job for you?
  • are the rewards and responsibilities what you want?
  • does it work for you on a personal and social level?
  • is this your dream job, or a strategic next step up the ladder?
  • will you and your family be happy?

What is important to you

Much depends upon what stage of your life you are at but you have to consider what is really important to you – money, lifestyle, work-life balance, living environment etc. There are so many issues to think about – and it’s not just about salary/promotion, or a nice part of the world to live in, but a combination or all of those. Think carefully, but think positively and look ahead to your next step within the youth offending team arena.

Before making a final decision, draw up a list of the pros and cons of the proposed relocation, step back, think about it and then make a considered decision.

At Sanctuary, we recruit for youth offending job roles across the UK so if you’re looking for a fresh start, why not look at how we can help
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