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How do I sign up?

Registering with Sanctuary Criminal Justice is easy. Simply download and print the application form or call us on 0333 7000 024 to have a copy posted to you.

Send your completed application, along with the required documentation, to:

Sanctuary Personnel Ltd, 15 Friars Street, Ipswich IP1 1TD.

What makes a good CV?

Your CV is usually the first way you introduce yourself to an employer so it is important to use it to make a good impression. It needs to be clear and easy to read and be relevant to the job you are applying for.

We have created a guide to what we find makes a good CV. Click here to read more.

What documents do I need to be considered for jobs?

When you become a candidate with Sanctuary we will ask you to complete a full compliance check list and ask for a series of documents including:
  • Your original qualification
  • Your original professional registration certificate if the role is for a registered profession such as probation officer, social worker or nurse – an online check of current registration will also be made. In addition we will carry out weekly checks on your registrations status – the industry standard is every four weeks.
  • An original copy of your passport and any relevant visa documents
  • Professional references are obtained at the time of appointment from last 5 years employment
These documents will be scanned and attached to your candidate file for future reference.

We ensure we take a full employment history from all our candidates. We will ask you for more details and references if you have any gaps in your employment lasting more than a month.

We will also make Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. Click here to read full information on our compliance and safeguarding checks.


Can you put me through prison clearance? And how long do clearances take?

For a role working with a prison you will need Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service checks as well as prison clearance. Sanctuary is a DBS umbrella body which means we can process online DBS applications in house, often resulting in a faster turnaround. We can also help you gather any information required for prison clearance. Clearance takes about two weeks on average for most roles. Click here for more details on clearance.

I’ve just completed a degree in criminal justice, how can Sanctuary help me?

It is important to realise that it is difficult for newly qualified staff to work in locum criminal justice roles straight away. This is because employers do not have the resources to provide extra support to contract staff with little experience.

Generally you need at least 12-18 months’ experience in your field, for example as a probation officer or YOT officer, before working as a locum.

However, the Sanctuary Criminal Justice team has good relationships with employers who may be seeking support staff or have voluntary roles which can help get started in the criminal justice sector. Click here for more advice on developing your career in criminal justice.


I’m a probation officer, can I transfer my skills over to youth offending?

There are a lot of similarities between probation work and youth offending, such as preparing court reports and dealing with particular types of offenders. Therefore it should be relatively straightforward to move to a YOT role although you may need training for particular systems or ways of working.


How much does the role pay?

What you might earn will depend on a number of factors and will vary from role to role.

Factors that affect what you might be paid include:
  • How much experience you have in the particular role.
  • The location of the role.
  • Any budgetary constraints the employer may have in place.
Your consultant will always give you as much detail as possible on each particular role. However, here are some examples of average pay rates.
  • Substance misuse nurses £18-28 per hour
  • Probation officers £22-26 per hour
  • Probation service officers £16-20 per hour
  • Unqualified substance misuse worker £14-16 per hour

How long is the contract?

Contracts can vary depending on what the employer needs. On average an initial contract is for three to six months but in some cases it may be extended if the employer needs further work.

Occasionally an employer will have a specific role or urgent task that requires a smaller amount of work. Your consultant will always let you know if a contract is for less than three months.

Will training be provided?

We can arrange and pay for training if it is required for a particular role. Training we arrange with external providers include NHS mandatory training and IT training for probation staff.

Your consultant will discuss any training needs with you.

What is the difference between being self-employed and PAYE?

When you work directly for a local authority or other organisation your employer will deal with working out your hours, holiday entitlement, national insurance and tax which will be on a “pay as you earn” (PAYE) basis. That means that your employer will deduct tax and national insurance from your pay each month.

When you become a locum social worker working through an agency such as Sanctuary you will most likely become self-employed. This means you will be responsible for submitting timesheets for the work you do, issuing invoices for payments when necessary and keeping track of your earnings and expenses in your accounts so that you can pay the correct tax and national insurance.

Being self-employed gives you more control over what you can claim against tax for example if you work away from home your travel and expenses will be tax deductible (in line with HMRC guidelines). However, you will need to make sure you inform HMRC about being self-employed and submit tax returns, etc, on time.

Do I need my own professional indemnity insurance or will Sanctuary cover me?

You do not need your own indemnity insurance. You will be covered by Sanctuary.

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